A Film by Brenton Richardson


Hearse Clubs

Carolina Coffin Cruisers

CarolinaCoffinCruisers.com, Facebook

A North Carolina/South Carolina based hearse club and the group featured in Coffin Crusin’.

Dead Ends Hearse Club


We met up with the Atlanta-based hearse club in Asheville.

National Hearse and Ambulance Association

Facebook, Forums


Shooting Locations

Horror Fields

HorrorFields.com, Facebook

A haunt in Sawmills, NC where we had a great time filming and playing Undead Paintball.

Woods of Terror

WoodsofTerror.com, Facebook

A really cool haunt we visited in Greensboro, NC.

Downtown Salisbury Zombie Walk


A Zombie Walk in Salisbury, NC.

Harley Davidson of Asheville


The site of the first annual southeastern regional meeting of the National Hearse and Ambulance Association.


Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands

Tumblr, Bandcamp, Facebook

I came across Waylon’s music searching through the Creative Commons and thought it sounded perfect for the film. I reached out to him to let him I wanted to use a few of his tracks and he was very supportive of the project. He even bought a hearse shortly after our initial communication. Waylon has a new band called Strange Lords.


Get Dead Crew

BreathingCanvasFX.com, Facebook

The crew who was doing the zombie makeup at the Salisbury Zombie Walk.


WagonmastersTheMovie.com, Facebook

A documentary about station wagon enthusiasts and how the history of the station wagon is intertwined with American history. Wagonmasters was produced by Sam Smartt and Christopher Zaluski, our classmates and friends from the Documentary Film Program at Wake Forest University.

The Documentary Film Program

wfu.edu/documentary, Facebook

Located in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Wake Forest University, the DFP offers graduate education in documentary storytelling and film production. Coffin Cruisin’ is produced in conjunction with the Documentary Film Program as Brenton Richardson’s creative thesis project for his Master of Fine Arts degree.